No More Old Baby Food.

Did you know that the baby food in jars and pouches is typically older than your baby? (Gross, right?!)

The first two years of your baby’s life(1) are the most critical time to ensure they are getting the right nutrition to support their rapid growth and development. The current baby food options are falling short.

Baby food on grocery shelves is processed so heavily that it can last for years(2) and, as a result, has little nutritional value(3)(4) by the time it gets to your baby's belly.



Some things are good aged. Baby food isn’t one of them.

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The Long Journey of Old, Processed Baby Food


Pre-Processed Purees

Some baby food companies purchase pre-processed purees from ingredients suppliers to be used in their food.(5) These are made by chemically washing produce, milling it into a pulp, straining and heating to high temperatures.


Not Quite Small Batch

Purees and concentrates are imported to baby food production factories in plastic drums where they are mixed together in large vats to create different flavor combinations.


Don’t forget the preservatives!

Extra ingredients such as lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, ascorbic acid are then added to the mixture. These acids act as preservatives so the food can sit on a shelf unrefrigerated.(6)


Don’t clog the pipes

Puree is pumped through hundreds of feet of hot metal pipes.(7) The pipes are heated to more than 200 degrees F and the food can sit in them for hours ensuring it’s “commercially sterile”.


Metal Packaging…Sorry Environment!

The mixture is finally filled into pouches made of plastic and aluminum or glass jars. Pouches are unable to be recycled through curbside recycling programs and instead need to be mailed into “upcycling” programs.(8)


Bring on the heat, again.

After the puree exits the pipes, it’s filled into pouches and jars. The puree is then cooked AGAIN inside of its final packaging, either an aluminum and plastic pouch or jar.(9) These high temperatures damage most valuable nutrition that is left in the puree.


Shipping and Storage

Pouches and jars are packed into boxes, palletized and shipped in truckload quantities to large warehouses where they are stored before making their way to your grocery store.


Eat it now…or in a few years.

Jars and pouches are categorized as commercially sterile, so they can technically sit on store shelves for years, making them older than your baby!(10)

See the Difference

Heating food at such high temperatures makes food look, well, not really like food anymore. High temps not only kill off vital nutrition, but also mess with the taste, texture and color of food.

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Ready to feed Fresh?

Your baby’s food shouldn’t be older than your baby.


Spread the word. #NoMoreOldBabyFood