10 Reasons To Try Little Spoon Baby Food

By Monica Freeman | January 30, 2020

So you’ve made it through the first few months of being a parent. CONGRATS. Now you’re up to starting solids. Instead of turning to the grocery store brands packed with preservatives or trying to find the time to cook all your baby’s meals yourself, you may want to get some fresh goodness called Little Spoon delivered right to your home. Why?
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1. No More Old Baby Food

Did you know that baby food sitting on the grocery shelf is often times older than your baby? Yep, you read that right – the brands on the shelf are packed with preservatives and treated with extreme heat – they’re heavily processed so they can last for years.(l) As a result, these products have little nutritional value(2)(3) by the time it gets to your baby’s belly.

Little Spoon has a fresh take on baby food. The brand designs baby food using only fresh, organic ingredients, never using extreme heat pasteurization processes to keep your baby’s food nutrient-dense and healthy! Best of all? It’s delivered right to your door.

2. #FirstBitesMatter

What your child eats in their first 1,000 days has a huge effect on their lifetime health. During this window, so much is happening developmentally with your little one your baby’s nutrition guides this process.

That’s why Little Spoon’s Babyblends are optimized to suit your baby’s developmental needs every step of the way. All of the blends are USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.

3. Nutrient-Rich, Clean Vitamins & Probiotics Designed Just For Your Baby

Daycare full of runny noses? Need your #1 to go #2, like, yesterday? Looking for the iron boost your mini’s growing brain needs? Little Spoon offers a line of clean, powerful Boosters. Nutrient-rich, perfectly portioned, our Boosters are powders of vitamins and probiotics designed to tackle some of your baby’s biggest health needs, from iron deficiency to constipation and everything in between.

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4. Leave It To The Experts

We know how much research and care goes into everything you do for your babe, but TBH we don’t all have the time to become expert nutritionists or short order chefs. That’s why Little Spoon collaborates with a team of nationally renowned pediatricians, dieticians and chefs to create fresh, tasty and healthy recipes to make sure your baby’s nutritional needs are covered.

5. Help Your Little One Develop Healthy Eating Habits

The introduction of a variety of textures and tastes is vital to developing a foundation for healthy eating habits. Little Spoon uses 80+ organic ingredients and offers a rotating menu of 25-30 options at any given time. The menu includes seasonal varieties that make it super easy to expose your baby to a diverse set of flavor profiles and textures.

6. Delivered Straight To You

As a parent, you already feel like you need to be in five places at once. That’s why using Little Spoon to take care of all the hassle at mealtime is so valuable to busy parents. Little Spoon makes it easy by delivering straight to your door. You can also pause or skip an order any time – gotta love that flexibility!

7. Formulated For Healthy Development

Another extremely helpful aspect is that Little Spoon highlights all the benefits of the Babyblends with health badges, making it easier to understand the “why” behind each ingredient choice. As your baby ages, Little Spoon incorporates new ingredients that help support your baby’s development.

8. Customizable And Personalized Meal Plan

With a ton of options and lots of questions (“Is it okay to feed my baby mint?”Cliff notes: It is!), Little Spoon recommends which Babyblends are best suited for your little one’s needs. The blends Little Spoon recommends continue to evolve as your little one grows, ensuring you introduce new textures and more advanced flavors to develop your baby’s palette! If you’d prefer to pick your own meals, however, you can always customize your deliveries as well.

9. Smart And Convenient Design

Arriving at your doorstep fresh and ready to eat, Little Spoon makes it easy to feed your mini with 100% recyclable grab-and-go containers, resealable lids, and of course, a little spoon. Why the spoon? To help your baby practice mindful eating (vs. slurping down a meal in under 60 seconds!) and practice their motor skills.

10. Here To Answer Any Questions You May Have, 24/7

Have questions about starting solids? Or about nutrition? Or just need someone to talk to? Trust us, we get it. Our care team is comprised of all moms themselves, and they are available via text anytime.

Have a parenting question you need answered stat? Go ahead, ask us. Our portal, Is This Normal, is here to answer all your “Hold on.. this can’t be normal” questions. Ask us anything.

Hear what others are saying about Little Spoon!

  “We just received a package from Little Spoon, and I have to say, as a busy mom, it’s super convenient to get little Rouxby’s food delivered straight to my front door. And not to mention the quality is phenomenal! You guys have to check them out. Little Spoon .”



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